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There are plenty of reasons why your child should enroll in an after-school program that involves physical activity. There are many benefits your child can get from these activities.

Exercising for Stronger Brains

We’ve previously talked about the benefits after-school programs can bring to your child, from learning to manage their time and responsibilities to discovering more about themselves. There are plenty of programs your child can be part of, but if you want them to gain even more skills, they should participate in something involving physical activity. Exercise does more than strengthen the body, it also strengthens the mind. Improved sleep: A healthy brain can’t function without enough sleep. Sleep is the time when memories and knowledge are consolidated. Exercise raises body temperature, relaxes muscles, and releases endorphins, promoting a successful shuteye. Increased focus: It’s easier to focus on a task after doing some rigorous physical activity. Exercising helps improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain, making it easier for your child to focus. Better mood: Exercise puts you in a better mood. The endorphins and serotonin released after a workout can improve your child’s memory and ward off depression. More energy: As your child’s muscle strength and endurance grow with exercise, their brain gets an extra energy boost. The more your child moves, the more active they will feel. Productivity: You are 23% more productive after a good workout. Since exercise gives you more energy and better concentration, it’s easier to complete more tasks.

Give Your Child's Mind a Workout With Tutoring

The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA has some excellent tutoring options to challenge your child's brain. After all, your youngster's mind could use a workout too. Call them at  (215) 855-6744 to learn about their tutoring options.


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