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Reading is of paramount importance to the successful development of children. Studies show that children who are read to, and then continue on to read for themselves, are more successful in school, and are ahead of their peers. We know that it can be difficult to commit to reading to your child every day, much less ensure that they take time to read for themselves. However, the benefits to reading are undeniable and abundant. To start, let us delve into just three of the less obvious benefits of reading. 

An Increased Vocabulary and Better Communication Skills are what await a well read child. Even as adults, while reading, we are bound to encounter a word we are not familiar with. While a child is reading, he or she will inevitably discover new vocabulary as well. Reading books that are heavily focused on dialogue are actually providing an example of conversation. Conversational language is typically what children learn first, and examples in reading are going to further solidify their skills. Not to mention, as the child gets older and is reading more advanced material, the element of reason will come into the literature, with more and more complexity. This will provide examples by which a child can develop his or her own sense of reasoning. 

Improving the Self Esteem of your child, developing his or her sense of worth, is another benefit you can expect from reading. Imagine it, as your child’s vocabulary and communication skills are maturing, the sense that what he or she has to say is important, will also begin to flourish. 

That being said, yet another benefit of reading is that your child will develop better habits in Listening to others. While it is true that they will develop self esteem in their own abilities to communicate, they will simultaneously become appreciative of words, realizing that those which others choose to speak, are equally important. 

Though there is not a guarantee that each of these traits will be automatically exhibited by reading, the likeliness increases. As for you, assist your child in selecting books with characters who model good character traits and qualities.  

If you desire assistance in improving the your child’s reading, remember that our Geniuses in Training Program here at  The Tutoring Center of Lansdale includes an intensive reading program to improve reading skills, comprehension, and vocabulary. To learn more, please call (215) 855-6744.


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