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Helping your child toward the goal of academic excellence, even before he or she has started school, can be a challenge, although certainly not impossible. Reading with your child from an early age, instilling in him or her the desire to love learning, are recommended. There is yet another way you can help your child stay ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing him or her for school, and that is by using technology to help your child advance. Surely, there is such a thing as too much technology, but when you do decide to allow your child to use technological resources, there are some specific goals you can set and look for apps and games that will help to complete them. The Tutoring Center in Lansdale would like to assist you with just that today. 

You can expect that your child will begin to develop and have increased visual attention skills if you allow him or her to play certain games, using technology. Remember that the goal is often to find objects on the screen or move items from one area to another. This often needs to be done, depending on the difficulty level of the game, with some skill and accuracy. Your child will need to be observant in order to move from one task or level to the next. 

Be sure to select apps to help improve your child’s language skills. Whereas games that are strictly task oriented are going to help him or her develop in visual skills, games that are more word based, are going to be important for developing language. You can start, when your child is young, with games that simply ask your child to identify letters and put them in the right place. You can then move on to spelling games, word puzzles and eventually entire books. As your child develops, these language skills games should become increasingly difficult. Think that perhaps your child’s love for reading will be developed by his or her love for technology. 

Lastly, consider that playing games that are highly ‘task motivated’ will help your child to develop his or her goal setting and task completion rate. You’ll likely notice, even in games that aren’t geared toward children, that in order to move to the next level of a game a certain number of tasks must be completed. This could include a number of points being earned, certain items being collected or questions being answered. Your child will begin to see the importance of completing tasks in order to move on. It should not be a far stretch then, to help your child realize the importance of this same idea in actual life. 

Once you’re beginning to see greater development in your child, you may also begin to see areas where he or she still seems to be behind. If that happens, don’t worry. Know that The Tutoring Center is available to help your child reach the greatest level of academic success. You can also try other techniques to help your child succeed, such as creating an encouraging reading environment at home. For tutoring in Lansdale, be sure to contact us at (215) 855-6744.


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