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What Makes Parts of Speech Difficult to Understand for Some Students?

There are eight parts of speech: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. All English words can be categorized under one of the eight parts of speech. However, some students have a difficult time understanding the difference among some of the different parts of speech.  At The Tutoring Center in Lansdale we have found that there are several reasons why some students struggle with the different parts of speech, and today we want to explain one of those reasons.

The Same Word Can Serve the Role of Different Parts of Speech

Sometimes it is difficult for students to learn how to categorize words according to the correct part of speech because the same word may fall under different categories depending on the context of the sentence. This means that the same word can represent a different part of speech according to what it stands for in that specific sentence. In the following example the word work can serve as a noun or a verb.
  • He is still looking for work. (noun)
  • I can´t work if I´m hungry.  (verb)

Gradual Introduction to More Difficult Parts of Speech Subcategories Facilitates Understanding

When introduced to these concepts children must start with the basic understanding of parts of speech. When a student is able to better distinguish the role of each word in a sentence, then more specific subcategories, such as abstract nouns or demonstrative adjectives, can be introduced.

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