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How to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Children seem to be spending more and more time in front of screens. Although this may seem normal, your child may actually benefit from spending more time away from screens. To help them do this, use these tips.

Set Rules

Instead of letting your child be surrounded by screens all day, set some rules that ensure they take breaks from technology. Many students are used to getting home and automatically scrolling through social media or turning on their video games. To prevent this from turning into the norm, set some rules that make screens off limits until their homework is done. It also helps to make certain areas of the home screen-free, such as the dinner table.

Screen Time As a Reward

Similarly to setting rules around screens, you can also turn them into a reward. Let your child know that they can't play video games until their homework is complete and that they don't have tablet privileges until they've completed their chores. While they may need a laptop for homework, fun activities should be seen as rewards and not a given.

Set a Positive Example

Students may not be happy with these new rules, but they are more likely to resist them if they're the only ones who have to follow them. To prevent any conflict, follow the rules yourself and set the right example. Instead of getting distracted by work emails during dinner, leave your phone somewhere else and focus on the people in front of you.

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