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Encourage Your Child to Set an Academic Goal This Year

With the new year here, many are talking about their New Year's resolutions and setting up goals to reach this year. Parents can use this time to show their children how to set efficient academic goals. It is important to involve students in this process in a manner that inspires them to take part in making their own resolutions and setting new academic goals. Use these tips to get your child eager about goal setting and to help them reach their goals faster.

3 Simple Tips To Make Goal Setting More Efficient

  • Make the goal sound simple. Having a goal that is not specific can be discouraging because it makes it hard to know what you need to achieve it and by when. Help your child state their goal correctly in a more simple and tangible manner. For example, instead of saying, ¨I want to be a better reader,¨ they should make the goal more specific. A better choice would be, ¨I want to read 100 words a minute.¨
  • Write it down. Not only should you write down the goal, you should aso write down the plan to reach the goal. What do they need to do to reach the goal? Write down what it is that needs to get done in order to reach the objective.
  • Make progress fun. Celebrate every step that gets them closer to their goal. Make every milestone fun for them by helping them pick a way to reward themselves. Remember that a reward doesn't have to be something big, just something significant.

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