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Encourage Writing With Games and Tutoring

Learning and having fun are things that should always go hand in hand, and this goes for every school subject and activity. That is why when it comes to encouraging your child to write it must also be done in a game like manner. Today, at the Tutoring Center in Lansdale we we want to share a few tips to help you encourage writing in a fun and effective way.

Two Fun Ways to Encourage Writing

  1. Buy interesting writing materials. This is one of the most subtle but effective ways to get your child to write. Buy cute, weird, interesting pens, pencils, notebooks, notepads and leave them where your child can see them. Let them know they are welcome to used them and write anything they want. Tell them that if they use them often you are likely to get them more of those interesting pencils and pens and cool notebooks.
  2. Make writing a game. Writing doesn´t have to start out as journal entries or long writing prompts, it could be a simple question answered in two sentences or even a list. You can even ask all your family members to participate in having a writing contest, where you say a topic out loud and everyone has 3 minutes to write out a list of items related to that topic, the longest list wins. If your child is a slow writer, you can partner the family members up and work as a team, until they gain practice and ability to compete on their own.

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