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Now that summer is here, it is the ideal time to help your child focus on improving their reading abilities. The following tips and ideas can help you get started on a fun and efficient summer reading journey with your child.

3 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Reading This Summer

  • Build something together. Reading can happen at any time, and it doesn't have to include a book or story. Build a kite, put together a doll house, or make a racing car by following written instructions. Encourage your child to read the directions and show you what to do so you can help them complete the more elaborate tasks. This can help strengthen their reading comprehension skills and working memory abilities.
  • Play a points game. Turn reading into a game of points. Give every page read the value of a point and keep score on a poster. At the end of the week, let your child trade in their points for prizes. The number of points needed to obtain a prize can determine how small or big the prize should be.
  • Send your child letters. This may sound silly, but we all remember being kids and how exciting it was to receive a letter. Take time this summer to write your child letters and mail them one by one.  Your child will most likely be excited to receive them and can practice reading them. You can even encourage them to write back.

Improved Reading with Tutoring in Lansdale PA

Get your child extra help with their reading skills and encourage them to enjoy reading. The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA can work with your child to help them improve their reading abilities and promote a positive attitude towards reading. Contact them right now at (215) 855-6744 and don't wait any longer to get your child started on the right path to reading.


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