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Help Your Child Be More Social

If your child is struggling to make friends, you may have serious concerns about their social skills. While this isn't something to take lightly, it's also not something to panic about. There are easy ways you can help your child improve their social skills and make more friends.

Let Them Enjoy Their Surroundings

Get to know your child's interests so that you can enroll them in activities they'll enjoy. If they're enjoying their surroundings and having a good time being part of a group, they'll have an easier time connecting to their peers. Whether they want to join a dance class or a video game group, they'll be surrounded by students with the same interests, making it easier for them to connect.

Practice Conversation Basics

Some students have a hard time maintaining a conversation because they get shy or feel intimidated and can't think of anything to say. If this is holding your child back from making friends, practice some conversation basics at home. Roleplay with your child and challenge them to keep the conversation going with the character you're playing. This can teach them to ask questions that make sense for the person they're speaking to. It can also teach them to listen and be empathetic.

Know Their Limits

Finally, not all children will be super social. If your child is more introverted, being social for a long time or with a large crowd can tire them out. Be understanding of your child's feelings and needs so that you don't push them too much.

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