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How to Encourage Summer Reading

Reading is a great activity to get your child excited about during the summer months. Not only is it educational, but it can also be a lot of fun. If your child isn't very fond of reading, this may be the summer that changes. To get them excited to read this break, use these tips.

Head to Your Local Library

Many local library branches hold summer reading programs meant to encourage students of all ages to read through the summer. They often include prizes or incentives every time your child reaches a certain milestone, helping to keep them motivated to read even more. Head to your local library to sign your child up and let them choose their reading material freely so that they'll be more excited to actually read it.

Combine Reading With Other Activities

Reading doesn't have to be a lone activity. In fact, you can combine reading with tons of other activities or interests your child may have. For example, if your child loves a certain sport or has a favorite athlete, chances are you'll be able to find tons of books on the subject and maybe even a biography they'll enjoy.

Use Books as Rewards

Reward your child this summer by giving them books instead of other gifts or prizes. If your child has started reading a book series, surprise them with the next book in the collection so that they can keep reading. Another option is to give them books on subjects they like as a reward for doing good, such as getting good grades in school or using their time to volunteer around the community.

Summer Tutoring in Lansdale

Help your child get ahead this summer by enrolling them in tutoring in Lansdale. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA can target your child's needs, helping them make tons of academic gains this summer. Learn all about these by contacting their learning center at (215) 855-6744. Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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