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Help Your Student Manage Their Time Better

As students get older and their classes become more demanding, they may start to feel like they don't have enough time for everything on their plate. In most cases, however, they do have enough time but lack the time management skills to make it work. Below are some tips that can help your child manage their time more efficiently.

Get Rid of Distractions

If your child has a hard time focusing on the task in front of them, chances are they have some distractors they can work on cutting out. External distractions like their cellphone or the television are pretty easy to identify and remove. Other distractors, like internal distractions, can be harder to identify. Things like hunger, stress, and anxiety may be causing your child to lose focus and time, so it's imperative that you work to identify these types of distractions as well.

Learn to Make Checklists

Teach your child to create checklists of all the tasks they have to complete. This visual representation of everything they have on their plate will make it easier for them to focus on the tasks at hand. As they make their way through their list, crossing off the completed tasks can also help them stay motivated throughout the day.

Prioritize Tasks

Once they've gotten into the habit of creating daily to-do lists, teach your child to prioritize the tasks on their list in order of importance. This will help them get the most pertinent tasks out of the way first so that they can feel less stressed as they move through their list.

After School Tutoring in Lansdale

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