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What Benefits Do Reading Stories and Books Bring to Children?

Children understand that they can learn for themselves and reflect on what's being taught. Sharing the moment of reading while reading to children not only fosters a healthy habit but also creates a strong emotional bond with them; as well as creating a trusty environment.

Reading Helps Children Expand Their Vocabulary and Write Correctly

Stories stimulate children's imagination and teach them problem-solving skills. Stories from children's stories and books teach values ​​that will help them understand the meaning of solidarity, respect, peace, and equality.

How to Teach Reading Habits to Children

Promoting reading habits not only depends on the school, but also on the parents, you can start by doing the following steps:

Ask Them What They Like

Children develop their own tastes and one of the ways to attract them to reading is to ask them what they would like to read. Also, let them choose children's stories and books; if boys and girls freely choose what they want to read, they will read it with more interest.

Create an Enabling Environment

It's essential that the place to read is comfortable and well lit, inviting them to read. It's also important to keep distractions far away from this space; such as television, computer or mobile phones.

Read Daily

The habit of reading should be daily, but the child shouldn't be forced to read. You can create a place to store books and read to them a little every day to start sparking their interest.

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