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 A very small percentage of children are born with a photographic memory, the rest of us have to rely on long-term memory recall, which is not an easy thing to do. Mnemonics is a technique that helps improve memory recall. We at The Tutoring Center here in Lansdale, PA would like to share some information on this very useful brain enhancing tool.


From the Collins English Dictionary: Mnemonics [ni-mon-iks] noun, ( used with a singular verb).
  1. The art or practice of improving or of aiding the memory.
  2. A system of rules to aid the memory.


A very strong example of mnemonics is to connect something you need to remember with  how the word sounds, or something conceptual that sticks out to you. One such example is remembering that lines of longitude run from pole to pole or North to South, see yourself using a long pole as a walking stick. And then there is latitude which runs East to West. The word latitude derives from the word lateral, which means side-to-side. Think of standing with your arms straight out to your sides making a flat line from finger-tip to finger-tip. Also think of the word "flatitude." Now that the description has been planted in your brain, you will never forget what longitude and latitude are.

Rhyming & Singing

Hearing a rhythm or song will bring up memory. Do you remember how you learned the alphabet? As you read this, you most definitely are hearing the song in your mind, A,B,C,D,E,F,G in the melody you were taught.


Remembering a list of words to describe something, can be done by taking the first letter of each item and putting them together to form an easy word. For example, the acronym 'PEN' helps you remember the subatomic particles in an atom, (Proton, Electron, Neutron.)

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One more thought… Is your child having trouble seeing the visual mnemonics? Does your child need glasses? It’s a possibility.


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