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Using apps and technology for educational goals will most likely be part of your child's academic upbringing, here's a way to do it safely!

Relying on the Internet for Academic Research Grants Multiple Opportunities to Learn New Things

Children are less likely to find dated information about a subject on the internet than in the library. This alternative allows access to information that was unheard of way back when. It's just a matter of using this judiciously.

Don't Overlook Google Earth to Complement Geography

Google Earth is an exceptional tool to teach geography in a visual way as children can see the Earth’s geography in three dimensions, measure distances between two places, and observe an area from different extents.

Facebook Groups Can be Very Useful

The teacher can create private workgroups on Facebook so that each exchange takes place in a safe space while teamwork is encouraged at the same time. It's advised to include the student's parents as well to make sure their children are in a safe space on the web.


There’s a change happening in the way of teaching and learning that incorporates the current technological environment, it’s important to keep up with it and see it as an advantage.

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