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Tutoring Prevents Students From Getting Behind Academically

Nothing hurts our education system more than the learning loss that can be experienced during the summer. Over the summer, children tend to forget the information they learned during the school year because they do not apply their minds to educational activities. At The Tutoring Center, Landsdale PA, we believe that it is necessary to learn about the effects of the summer learning loss and provide solutions to this problem.

What Causes Summer Learning Loss and How to Combat It

Although summer vacation is supposed to provide students with the opportunity to relax and take a break from the standard educational system, it does not mean students should take a complete break from education itself. The problem is that for many students that is exactly what happens. They spend the summer watching television or waste their time in ways that are not productive at all. In order to prevent students from falling behind in the summer, they need to take part in activities and programs that promote learning. It doesn't mean they should be confined to a classroom all summer long. What it means is, that they should be given the opportunity to get creative and experience learning in a less conventional manner.  There are many available options. Libraries, museums, schools, tutoring centers, and even public parks offer low cost or free programs that encourage children to learn something new or practice their knowledge and skills in productive ways. This can help stimulate learning and prevent a loss of knowledge.

Make the Most of the Summer With Tutoring Center in Lansdale

Helping your child make the best of this summer vacation will empower them to do better during the school year.  At The Tutoring  Center, Lansdale PA, we can help you achieve this by providing fun and interesting sessions that ensure a higher thinking level. Contact us now at (215) 855- 6744 and stop the summer learning loss in your child.


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