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When and where you study are important factors in determining how well you study. After all, how can you concentrate on studying effectively when you’re feeling tired, uncomfortable, and distracted? This is why this post goes over a few tips on how you can create the perfect study conditions. Hopefully, by following them, you’ll have an easier time studying, doing homework, or even reading.

How to Create the Right Conditions to Study

The Right Time

As mentioned above, it’s fairly difficult to concentrate when you’re tired (or feeling hungry, rushed or too hyper). This is why you should create a schedule in which you set aside a pertinent time frame on which to focus on fulfilling your school responsibilities.

The Right Place

The location should also be considered. For example, you’re guaranteed to work better if you have a big window or light source nearby, since you won’t have to strain your eyes in order to complete your homework. .

The Right Furniture

Believe it or not, comfort and the right proportions in your furniture are also important. The chair you sit on should be comfortable enough for you to spend hours on it, and it must provide the support your back needs. Likewise, a desk that’s too tall or small can make a big difference!

The Right Environment

Moreover, you should also care for the environment around you as you study. A room full of distractions (like a TV turned on or your cell phone) can sway your attention away from your duties. Likewise, take into account your learning style and adapt your environment to it.

The Right Supplies

Lastly, the equipment you need in order to work efficiently need to be within arm’s reach. If they’re not, you could waste time and lose focus trying to find them, so make sure to keep your desk and backpack filled with your supplies.

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