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You have a place for their coats, shoes and dirty laundry. What about a place for your child's studies? Creating a special study space to suit your student's needs is simple. The Tutoring Center of Lansdale offers these tips to consider when creating your child's study space.

Every child is different

The goal is to create a designated study space suited specifically to your child's ability to study efficiently and effectively. Your child's individual learning and study styles are important to consider when creating their study space. Make a list of your child's specific needs and get his/her input as well. With a dedicated study space, you'll be helping your child accomplish their academic goals. 

Your child's study style

Does your child prefer studying in total quiet or with music quietly playing in the background? Does he/she have a specific study time? What type of reading environment do they prefer? Consider whether your child works better for a long period or needs short breaks every so often. Knowing how your child studies will help you to determine their specific study space needs.

Be realistic

A bedroom may be a great place to study but perhaps not if your child shares the room with a sibling or associates their bedroom with rest. An attic may be quiet but have no electrical outlets. Choose an area with the right study conditions for your child. Consider the practicality of each area before claiming it as your child's "study central".

Comfy and cozy

Make sure your child's study space is comfortable and inviting. Their desk and chair should be positioned in a way that won't put stress on their back, hands, wrists or neck. Place all your child's pens, pencils, paper and assorted study tools in convenient and easy to reach/find places. 

To help your child further realize his/her potential, call The Tutoring Center of Lansdale at 215-855-6744 for a free diagnostic assessment . The Tutoring Center of Lansdale offers the best summer tutoring in the city and has programs individualized specifically for your child to improve his/her study skills. With a designated study space and help from The Tutoring Center of Lansdale, your child will be better prepared and more confident for the coming school year.


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