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As the school year has begun, with new challenges and hopes, we know that organization might be far from the mind of your child. However, it is important to note the link between organization and academic success. It is with this in our minds that The Tutoring Center in Lansdale would like to share SIX simple tips to helping keep your child organized and successful!

Set Goals

Whether academic or personal in nature, it is important to set and prioritize goals. Surely, one of them should be to stay organized, but outside of that, think on what you’d like to accomplish this week, month, and even year. Write down those goals and how you plan to go about achieving them. 

Avoid Clutter

Your workspace, locker, and backpack should not have many loose papers or other distracting/unnecessary times cluttering them up. If you know longer need something, throw it away or store it just in case, however don’t keep it where it is not needed. 

Designate a Study Space

In reference to your study space, you should pick an area of your home where you can go and not be distracted. With the permission of your parents, you may choose the dining room table, a couch in the living room, or even a desk in your bedroom. However this place should be known as the place you go to get work done. Likewise, you can have a space for your backpack, homework, and other needed school materials. This way you can avoid the morning rush of finding the necessities of the day. 

Write It Down

Though you may very well remember an assignment, there is always the possibility that you will forget. Better to write it down. Similarly, taking a picture of an assignment may seem like an excellent plan. However, imagine that you innocently take out your phone to view your homework and are suddenly aware of all of the distractions you have within your grasp. It is best to avoid using your phone at all as you study. Use a PlannerAs an alternative, use a planner. This is a great place to write down assignments, when received, making a note of when they’re due, and if there is significant time between those, reminders to work on the assignment throughout. This way you avoid working on a major assignment only the night before it’s due. This method is also quite effective in studying for tests. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

You know yourself. Schedule breaks between tasks if needed. Decide to work on the most difficult assignments first and work to the easiest or easiest to most difficult, whichever works for you. Most importantly prioritize your academics and work hard to accomplish your goal!

Now that your child is on the way to a more organized school year, it might be time to concentrate on getting him or her help in an academic area of struggle. The Tutoring Center exists to help you with just that. Please contact us at, 215-855-6744 for tutoring in Lansdale!


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