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Summer learning loss is a problem we discussed early on this season. There are so many great activities and ways to prevent a learning loss that we thought we would share a few. So read on, and get ready to help your child activate their mind and have fun.

 Get Your Child to Learn in the Summer

  • Encourage reading and writing. Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced and is not just necessary but can be incredibly satisfying. Teach your child to love writing with the tips in this post. Reading is also essential and it is easy to lose reading abilities over the summer. It is very important to create a positive reading environment at home so your child can feel encouraged to read and grow fond of it.
  • Try different science experiments at home. Science experiments are exciting and engaging. They are a great way to get your child involved in something educational and fun. There are many simple experiments you can try, such as letting them see how an egg tends to sink in regular water and floats in salt water. Older children may be able to complete more complicated and intricate projects with less assistance. Make sure you get them to make a hypothesis about the experiment and to discuss their observations. For a simple and fun science project to try, visit our previous post here.

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