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As we’re well into the second semester of the school year, if your child is a junior or senior in high school and has yet to take the SAT, now is the time. The SAT is going to help your child get into the college of his or her choice and could provide scholarship opportunities as well. It is no wonder that the SAT can cause anxiety, but do not fret. If your child is preparing for the SAT, The Tutoring Center in Lansdale would like to share some tips on how to prepare well. 

First, it’s important that you take advantage of all of the online help there is available. Help your child search for online practice tests and sample questions. You can also sign up for a ‘word of the day’ in which your child will be given a new SAT vocabulary word and its definition each day. 

You’ll also be able to view the instructions for each section, online. You can take the time to go over the instructions with your child, especially if he or she has difficulty understanding directions or the tendency not to read them. Ensure that your child understands what will be required in each section so that there are less surprises on test day. The more prepared your child is, the better. You can help even further by assisting your child to practice math at home. 

On test day, your child should be reminded of scoring and writing techniques: 
  • Know that there is no penalization for skipping an answer on the SAT. What this means for your child is that if he or she is not sure of an answer, and cannot use the process of elimination to find the correct one, then it is best to skip. If the answer is filled in and is incorrect then points will be taken off. 
  • Remembering that the test is timed and that it goes from least difficult to most difficult questions. Therefore spend as little time as possible on the questions at the beginning of the section, saving time for the more difficult questions toward the end. 
  • Ensure that your child has gone over writing a 5 paragraph essay, as that will be necessary for the writing portion of the exam. An introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion should be included. 

Keeping these tips in mind before taking the SAT should help put your child’s mind at ease about the general structure, at least. He or she may decide, however, that it is still a good plan to receive tutoring in one subject area he or she is not comfortable with or even get one on one help to prepare better for the SAT. The Tutoring Center has an SAT Prep Program available in which your child will get help in study strategies, preparation, and practice for the SAT. For tutoring in Lansdale, contact us at (215) 855-6744.


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