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Taking the SAT is something many high school students should start getting ready for long before the day of the test. Being fully prepared takes months of provisions and planning to achieve the score you need. Used in combination with one-to-one instruction, at home SAT prep will help make your experience much less stressful. For information about professional SAT prep courses in Lansdale, PA call The Tutoring Center in Lansdale today at (215) 855-6744. At the moment, here are some pointers from our experts:

Understand the Test

The test is broken into the four basic academic areas: reading, writing, math and science. Each section is strictly timed so it’s important to know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Also, the questions in each section get harder and harder the further into the test you complete. In order to get the most possible correct answers, spend more time on the easier questions; leaving a question blank is better than missing, so if you don’t finish the hard questions, it’s not the end of the world.

Practice Tests

The SAT is essentially the same test that it always has been. The specific questions change year to year, but in general, every year tests the same knowledge. Use online versions of previous year’s tests to practice at home. Always print the test onto paper and take it as if it were the real deal. Your goal should be to improve between each test until you’re ready.

Power Up

Long term preparations are the most important thing when it comes time to take your college entrance exams, but all that hard work is wasted if you aren’t well rested and ready to go. The test is usually held early on a Saturday morning at a local high school. You have to register months in advance, so start with good sleep habits well ahead. On the morning of the test, give yourself plenty of time to wake up refreshed… and you must absolutely eat a healthy breakfast!


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