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Why Your Child Should Take the SAT in the Fall

If your child gets stressed out every time you mention the SAT, they're not alone. Most students get a bit anxious around this exam because of how important it is in their future plans. A great way to relieve some of this stress is by having them take the test early. Below are some of the reasons why this can be helpful.

Study Over the Summer

Most students have a pretty heavy academic workload that includes advanced classes, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and even an after school job. During the summer, this load can be quite a bit lighter. If this is the case with your child, encourage them to use the summer to study for the SAT. Since they won't have classes and other commitments to worry about, they can dedicate their efforts to the SAT. Come fall, they'll be more than ready to take the test.

Less Stress in the Fall

Taking the SAT in the winter or spring can be more stressful because your child will also face things like finals, midterms, and AP tests during these times of the year. Since the school year is just starting in the fall, your child won't have quite as many other things to worry about just yet.

Retake the Test Later On

Taking the test in fall means your child will have more opportunities to take the test later on in the year. Since there are test dates in the winter and the spring, they can take the test again and again until they reach their target score. The first time can be stressful, but after taking it once and getting to know the test firsthand, the next time can be a lot less stressful.

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