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 It’s no secret that reading has enormous benefits and instilling this ability in your children will help them succeed not only in school, but also in their lives. However, you should also worry to create an environment that encourages your children to enjoy a book and stay focused. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Lansdale, we created the following post containing useful advice on this important topic.


Remember to establish a reading routine that will instill this great habit in your children. Keep in mind that you should also assign some time to other tasks like sports or other leisure activities for a balanced development.  


Your children should have a place at home intended for reading. Make sure that there’s plenty space for their books and remember to add a comfortable seat, keep in mind that the chair of sofa you choose should be comfortable enough to prevent overuse injuries and fatigue, yet it shouldn't be too comfortable, as it can put your children to sleep. Don’t forget that a cool temperature and good ventilation will help to keep your children alert while they read. 


Adequate lightning means that your children doesn’t have to strain their eyes, which can lead to fatigue. Also, remember taking your children to the pediatrician and check for any hearing or visual impairments that can get in the way of your children’s reading.  

These simple yet effective ideas can help your children become avid readers, a skill that it’s required throughout their academic and professional lives. Also, be sure to read our guide containing some of the benefits of a well read child

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