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Easy Ways to Prepare Your Child to Start Kindergarten

You may think your child simply has to show up for kindergarten, but it actually does take some preparation. To ensure your child is fully prepared for this change, use these prep tips.

Talk About This Change

Many parents may think that their child won't understand the changes that are coming so there's no need to address them. The truth is that children often perceive something is happening and may even feel stressed out by it. To ensure your child feels at ease and is prepared for the changes kindergarten will bring, sit down and talk honestly about it all. Listen to their questions and do your best to answer them.

Practice Important Lessons

Before your child enters kindergarten, they should master some basic lessons. In the past, this may not have been quite as necessary, but since students are now entering school with a solid foundation, you don't want your child to be behind. Practice numbers, letters, reading, writing, and basic arithmetic at home so your child is ready for the classroom.

Work on Independence

Dropping your child off on the first day can be particularly hard, especially if your child has never been away from you. To prepare them for this, enroll your child in extracurricular activities where they will learn to be independent. This will get them used to classroom dynamics as well, making their transition into kindergarten easier.

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