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We are sure that you are aware of the connection between eating well and excelling in other areas of your life. The Tutoring Center of Lansdale would love to share 7 superfoods that  will help aid your child’s development, and of course these foods are good for you as well. 

Spinach migh...
For many children, thinking about going back to school can produce a ton of anxiety and nervousness. This is normal: they don’t know what their teachers, subjects and classmates will be like. Still, being stressed and feeling jitters is not fun. This is why, in this post, The Tutoring Center in...
28% of students between 6-12 grade have admitted to being a victim of bullying, while 7-10 students say they have been cyber bullied, specifically. A repeated action that puts someone in the way of harm, physically or emotionally, is bullying. The following are characteristics of bullying, and...
Reading is of paramount importance to the successful development of children. Studies show that children who are read to, and then continue on to read for themselves, are more successful in school, and are ahead of their peers. We know that it can be difficult to commit to reading to your child...
Tutoring can be really beneficial to your child: it helps him/her improve grades, clears doubts, reinforces their knowledge and can even boost their confidence. Still, there are some advantages that come only from an individual approach! 

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Lansdale will...
Procrastination is a common word these days. It’s basically postponing tasks that demand immediate attention, just to do those that are more pleasant. Nowadays, it’s even more easy to be distracted - your children have laptops, social media, cell phones and many other things that can easily...


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