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Summer learning loss is a problem we discussed early on this season. There are so many great activities and ways to prevent a learning loss that we thought we would share a few. So read on, and get ready to help your child activate their mind and have fun.

 Get Your Child to Learn in the Summer


Tutoring Prevents Students From Getting Behind Academically

Nothing hurts our education system more than the learning loss that can be experienced during the summer. Over the summer, children tend to forget the information they learned during the school year because they do not apply their minds...

What Makes Parts of Speech Difficult to Understand for Some Students?

There are eight parts of speech: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. All English words can be categorized under one of the eight parts of speech. However, some students have a...
The working memory is part of the short-term memory and aids the development of better thinking abilities. It plays a crucial role in the academical development of students and also affects how well they are able to carry out many common daily tasks. Since a good working memory is of such...

Quick Tips That Will Make Memorization and Test Taking Easier

There are many circumstances that students will face where they will be required to not just understand the material but also to memorize the information. Tests are a perfect example of the many cases where students will need to learn...

Instill a Love for Learning the Best Way

The best way to allow someone to learn the most is by making the information accessible, interesting and fun. Learning suddenly becomes second nature when we forget about having to memorize or retain the information and we start to just enjoy and have fun...
At the Tutoring Center in Lansdale we know that schools play an important role in the education of children, we are also aware that it is often difficult to truly comprehend all the information given in a large classroom setting. That is why tutoring is an ideal way to equip students with the...

Encourage Writing With Games and Tutoring

Learning and having fun are things that should always go hand in hand, and this goes for every school subject and activity. That is why when it comes to encouraging your child to write it must also be done in a game like manner. Today, at the Tutoring...
Not all children are naturally good at school and studying, many children need extra help and support. That is why at the Tutoring Center in Lansdale we want to mention something very simple and fun, that you can do to help your child get a head in their academic skills, even at a very young age...

Tutoring in Lansdale to Improve Grammar

Grammar is usually a subject that needs to be reviewed several times to be properly understood. Adjectives are an important part of grammar, they allow us to describe certain aspects, and make the entire English language more versatile, but they can also...


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