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Help Your Child Do Better in Grammar and Vocabulary This School Year

Whether you are talking about the scientific method, exponential formulas, or just reading a story, both grammar and vocabulary building play an essential role. Helping your child learn vocabulary building techniques...

Don't Wait to Encourage Your Child to Go to College

Many children are not properly introduced to the idea of college until they are in high school. Sure, most have heard of it and know what it is, but it takes encouragement and motivation to truly seek out higher level education. That is why it...
Now that summer is here, it is the ideal time to help your child focus on improving their reading abilities. The following tips and ideas can help you get started on a fun and efficient summer reading journey with your child.

3 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Enjoy Reading This Summer

  • Build...

Students are Greatly Affected by Procrastination

Without a doubt, procrastination is one of the biggest problems that students face in an academic environment. It is human nature to deal with things last minute and not before. Yet, this can often lead to poor work quality, missing assignments,...

Help Your Child do Better on Tests

Doing well on tests can be hard for some students, but it can get easier by taking the right approach. The following steps can help your child to become a better test-taker.

4 Simple Steps to Study Better and Do Well on Exams

  1. Show up to class. Attendance plays...

Paying Attention and Listening Are Essential to Do Well in School

Good listening skills are a must in all areas of life, and they play an especially important role in an academic environment. Since many students have difficulty when it comes to listening skills and paying attention, they tend to...

Build Better Homework Skills with Tutoring

Sometimes all that a student needs in order to improve their grades is to be better organized and get their homework done. However, this is often easier said than done. Homework tends to be something that students have a hard time completing, especially...

Encourage Your Child to Set an Academic Goal This Year

With the new year here, many are talking about their New Year's resolutions and setting up goals to reach this year. Parents can use this time to show their children how to set efficient academic goals. It is important to involve students in...

Indoor Learning Fun

Although the colder weather can be a limiting factor for being outdoors this season, it doesn't mean students can't enjoy themselves and learn during their winter break. There are many ways to help your child enjoy their winter break while encouraging some educational fun....

Encourage Science at Home

Students often view science as a difficult subject that requires long and complicated explanations, but that does not have to be the case. Showing your child that science can be fun is not as complicated as it sounds. Today we want to share some words of advice to help...


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