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Tips to Improve Mental Math Skills

The mere mention of math is enough to cause your child to run and hide. To make the subject more manageable and less intimidating, work on improving their mental math skills. Below are some easy ways to help your child sharpen their mental math skills.



Tips for Reading Aloud

Just because your child is reluctant to read aloud, this doesn't necessarily mean their reading skills aren't up to par. In fact, many students who are shy about reading aloud are great at it, they just need to develop their confidence. To help your child master reading...

How to Help Your Child Through the Midyear Slump

The start of the school year can be very exciting for students because it means a new teacher, new friends, and sometimes even a new school. Once all of the newness wears off, however, students can have a hard time staying interested in their...

Tips to Make Study Time Easier

Study time may not be your child's idea of a fun time, but it must get done. With the right study habits, your child's time spent studying can be reduced while still being effective. Below are some tips to help your child become more efficient when it comes time to...

Math Skills to Develop Early On

Unlike many, many years ago, most students enter school already knowing basic academic skills. In fact, students who don't already have some basic math skills when they enter kindergarten may already be behind their classmates. Help your child develop these basic...

Start the School Year off Right

Being properly prepared for the first day of school can make the upcoming school year a lot less daunting. To help your child feel ready and empowered, use the following back to school tips to prepare.

Use a Day Planner

A day planner is a useful tool that can...
Make your road trips a little bit less boring by trying out these games next time you’re out on the road. These games can help keep your child’s brain active.

Make Your Road Trip a Bit More Entertaining

Are you hitting the road with your family this summer? Let’s face it, keeping children...
The summer slide happens when students forget what they learned during the school year almost as soon as summer begins. Prevent this from happening to your child with these fun activities.

5 Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide is that strange phenomenon that occurs to many...
There are plenty of reasons why you should enroll your child in a tutoring program. If your child presents these signs, perhaps it's time to do it now.

Is Tutoring in Lansdale Necessary for Your Child?

There are plenty of reasons why parents choose to complement their child's studies with...
Everything that your child eats affects their brain and body. Here are some things you should know about how food has an impact on your child’s learning and academic performance.

Food Can Boost Your Child’s Learning

Nutrition is of utmost importance to young students. Their developing bodies...


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