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Quick Tips That Will Make Memorization and Test Taking Easier

There are many circumstances that students will face where they will be required to not just understand the material but also to memorize the information. Tests are a perfect example of the many cases where students will need to learn the information by heart. Coping with test anxiety is the first step to performing well on tests, the second is good study habits. However, using the right memorization techniques can turn out to be quite helpful and even necessary. This is why at The Tutoring Center in Lansdale we want to share some quick tips to help memorize different types of information.

Tips For Memorizing Different Types of Information

  • Memorizing names and order. For almost all other types of things that need to be memorized, learning to place a connection or deeper meaning will make it easier to remember. For remembering names, it is easier if you picture something related to the name. For example, picturing a big teddy bear with the number 26 will make it easy to remember that Theodore Roosevelt is the 26th president.
  • Memorizing states and places. When learning the name and capital of each state, it would be better to involve other senses. For example, buying a puzzle of the states and putting it together while memorizing the names would make it more effective. You may even be able to find a puzzle with just the shape and not the name. Writing the name in the shapes of the states will make it more interactive and easier to learn.

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