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Though keeping a journal may seem like a habit from the past, research shows that keeping a journal can be a healthy habit to have, especially if your child is experiencing anxiety or social acceptance issues. The Tutoring Center in Lansdale would like to suggest just some of the reasons for encouraging your child to keep a journal, as well as some of the ways you can make it a fun part of their daily routine, rather than a chore. 

You can get started by helping your child to get excited about the journal by buying them a new one. Take your child to a bookstore or look online for something that he or she likes, and get it for them as a way to encourage the start of the process. 

If your child is unsure of what to write about at first, you can suggest some writing prompts. You will want to focus on prompts which ask how your child feels about a certain topic. 

Let your child decide when it is time to write. You can suggest that it’s a great idea to write when feeling sad, angry, or confused. A journal is an excellent place to write down those feelings and a good place to be able to work through them, even going back days or months later to note how the problems have been resolved. 

It is very important that your child knows you trust him or her with this journal. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, decide not to read your child’s journal and stick to that decision. 

Now that you’ve got a few ideas of how to get started, as well as the benefits, know that you can expect the following from your child once they develop the habit: 
  • Your child is likely to have reduced stress in his or her life.
  • They will be more able to work out problems through writing.
  • You will gain an increased understanding of how his or her brain deals with conflict.
  • You might also see improved grades in areas where your child is generally stressed, as he or she is able to work out some of those anxieties through writing.
To make sure journalling doesn’t distract from your child’s other commitments, it may be important to also remind him or her of these time management tips. Though journaling can help to show improvement in academics, there may be some areas  in academia where your child needs help from a professional, who can help to explain better the area in which he or she is struggling. For tutoring in Lansdale contact us at (215) 855-6744.


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