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Math Skills to Develop Early On

Unlike many, many years ago, most students enter school already knowing basic academic skills. In fact, students who don't already have some basic math skills when they enter kindergarten may already be behind their classmates. Help your child develop these basic math skills before they enter school.

Develop Number Sense

Number sense basically refers to a child's ability to recognize numbers and their ability to count accurately. Start your child off with counting forward and eventually move on to counting backward. As they progress, more complex skills can be introduced, such as the ability to see relationships between numbers. This includes basic addition and subtraction which can be taught using toys or other items that pique their interest.

Identify Patterns

Patterns can be introduced as numbers, shapes, or images that repeat themselves in a logical manner. Teach your child to identify patterns and have them create their own using household objects. Start with simple patterns that alternate between two objects, such as beans and macaroni. By having them create their own, your child will be able to identify the logic behind patterns much more easily.

Learn to Measure

Measurement can be done in a number of ways since there are tons of different things to measure. You can measure length, height, time, and weight using different units of measurement. This will help your child develop estimation skills as well.

Math Tutoring in Lansdale

Tutoring in Lansdale can help your child develop their math skills further no matter what level of math they're working on. There are various academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA that can help your child reach success. Give them a call at (215) 855-6744 to learn more.


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