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Tips to Keep You Focused and Productive

Getting through a pile of homework can prove to be a difficult task, especially with the amount of distractions that surround us daily. The Tutoring Center in Lansdale has some tips to help you avoid getting distracted as you do your homework.

Make a List

One of the best ways to stay on task is by creating a to-do list before you start working. A to-do list will help you stay focused and organized as you do your work. Knowing exactly what you have to do and in what time span will help you use your time more wisely. Avoid wasting time between tasks and have a work plan set up before diving in. Check off items as you finish them in order to visualize your progress.

Make a Different Type of List

Compliment your to-do list with another type of list, a not-to-do list. While the concept sounds strange, it can really help you stay on task and avoid distractions. Your not-to-do list should include things you typically do while you work that end up distracting you from the work you have to complete. Your list can include things like not checking your phone until you're halfway done with your to-do list.

Make a Commitment

Getting your work done on time without procrastinating has a lot to do with your level of commitment. If you feel a task isn't very important, you're less likely to worry about getting it done. Understand the value behind each assignment and commit yourself to completing them. It also helps to create mini goals and share them with people around you. Once others know what you're hoping to accomplish you're more likely to work towards your goals.

Tutoring in Lansdale

Another great way to stay focused and complete your assignments well is by ensuring you have a proper learning space. Check out The Tutoring Center in Lansdale for extra support with your academics and for a great learning environment. Give us a call at (215) 855-6744 for more information about our academic programs and to schedule your free consultation.


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