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Students are Greatly Affected by Procrastination

Without a doubt, procrastination is one of the biggest problems that students face in an academic environment. It is human nature to deal with things last minute and not before. Yet, this can often lead to poor work quality, missing assignments, and a whole other set of academic fallbacks for students. Getting rid of procrastination is not easy, but the following advice can help you get started on this tough task right away.

Schedule the Work for Now, Not for Later

One of the biggest mistakes students make is writing down what they need to do with just the due date. No matter what type of task needs to get done, whether homework, turning in paperwork, signing up for something, or completing a project, it needs to get scheduled into your days. Don't just have it lingering in your mind, make time daily to get it done.

How to Schedule Your Assignments Correctly

If you see an assignment with just the due date next to it, you're most likely to just get it done on the actual date you are looking at (the day it is due). Instead, write down two dates: when you will get started on it and when you will finish it (make this at least a day before it is actually due). On a calendar write down, ¨Turn in,¨  on the day before it is due. Make this a habit instead of just writing down the due date and focusing on that. There is something powerful about the way we word what we have to do that will either set us up for procrastination or help us avoid it.

Reach Academic Success with Tutoring in Lansdale PA

Tutoring can help students get started on developing better habits that set them up for a more successful academic endeavor. Contact The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA today at (215) 855-6744 for help overcoming your procrastination.


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