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How to Recover from a Low Test Score

When a child gets a low test score, no matter what the test was on, it can feel like a devastating blow. Luckily, a low test score isn't the end of the world. In fact, your child can come back from it and still get a great semester grade. To keep them on the right track after a disappointing score, use these tips.

Pinpoint the Issue

Once your child has received their score, they may just be focusing on how bad they did. Instead of staying in that negative area, teach them to turn the situation around by figuring out where they went wrong. This will allow them to pinpoint the issue so that they can avoid it the next time around.

Be Prepared for Next Time

Once your child knows what went wrong, they can prepare for their next exam more effectively. If, for example, what affected their score was some serious test-taking anxiety, they can investigate strategies to overcome this. Practice some strategies with them so that they can go into their next test calm and prepared.

Don't Stress Too Much

Your child's self-confidence can take a hit, especially if the test they didn't do great on is a big one, like the SAT. Do your best to encourage them to keep going and keep studying for the next one. They may feel down for a little bit, but they'll move on do better soon enough.

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