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If your child struggles to remember instructions as soon as they hear them, they might have a working memory problem. Here are some tips to improve their memory.

Does your child have a working memory problem? The working memory is the ability to learn information and remember it in the near future. For instance, when the teacher is giving instructions for an activity in class. If your child finds it hard to remember instructions even though they pay attention, they might have an issue with their working memory. Fortunately, it’s nothing that some mind exercises and perseverance can’t fix. Here are some tips to improve your child’s memory.


Sometimes it’s easier for children to remember images. Help your child come up with a mental picture of what they just heard or read. Then they should draw it or describe it to you in words. For example, if they’re following a recipe. Ask them to picture themselves in the cooking process.

Let Your Child Be the Teacher

To explain something, you need to make sense of the information. If your child can explain a new skill or new knowledge, they’re more likely to remember it later on. Ask your child to teach you about something they learned recently.

Play Cards

Games are an excellent way for children to learn without them realizing what they’re doing. Card games can help your child’s memory in two ways. First, they need to remember the rules of the game for its duration, and they also need to remember what cards they have and which cards the other players have played. Bring out the Uno on your next game night.


A stressed out brain prevents learning. If your child is stressed out, their mind won’t be able to focus and learn. Before they start studying or doing their homework, have them listen to some music, do a little exercise, or play some games so they can destress and open up brain networks.

Tutoring in Lansdale Helps Too

For more memorization tips and tricks, sign your child up for tutoring in Lansdale. Not only will they be working on their memory skills, but they will improve their grades as well. Call The Tutoring Center, Lansdale at (215) 855-6744 to learn more about their tutoring programs.


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