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Tips to Improve Your Presentation

As your child prepares to give a presentation, they may struggle with different aspects of it. From presenting the material in an engaging manner to dealing with a fear of public speaking, there are plenty of concerns your child may have. To help them overcome these, teach them these presentation tips.

Learn the Material

If your child is a bit nervous about their presentation, the best thing they can do is be as prepared as possible. Rather than reading right off the slides they're presenting or reading from notecards they're holding, your child should learn their material thoroughly so that they can navigate the entire presentation without losing their footing. They can also shift the attention away from themselves for a bit by asking a question and having their classmates participate.

Have Some Presence

In order for it to be a good presentation, your child will need to engage their peers. By being assertive and owning the stage they will definitely get the attention they're after. Work on your child's posture since this can have a large impact on how their audience perceives them. Have them stand tall and firmly without hiding behind a podium or a desk. Using their arms as they speak is also a great way to be engaging.

Use Your Voice

Finally, your child's voice during their presentation can be very telling. Since their audience will need to hear them to understand their presentation, work on getting their volume just right. Oftentimes, when students are nervous they'll race through their presentation. Work on slowing down and putting emphasis on important information in the presentation through their voice.

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