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The working memory is part of the short-term memory and aids the development of better thinking abilities. It plays a crucial role in the academical development of students and also affects how well they are able to carry out many common daily tasks. Since a good working memory is of such importance, we want to take the time to discuss how to detect if your child has problems with their working memory and provide you with a few tips to help improve it.

The Tutoring Center in Lansdale Discusses the Role of Working Memory

The function of our working memory is to take mental notes of the instructions or data we receive and hold it while it is put to use. For instance, when a teacher is explaining the rules and steps of an activity, the students must use their working memory to remember  the rules while interacting and carrying out such activity. Students that have a less developed working memory will tend to struggle in several academic areas as well as in certain life tasks.

Working Memory Improves With Tutoring and Practice

Students that cannot keep up with the instructions given or that easily lose focus on a task tend to have working memory problems. When a student requires that the directions be repeated over and over while carrying out the job or when they cannot recall the information that was just stated, they may also be displaying signs of a low working memory. Teaching a child to visualize the information while it is given can help improve their working memory but it is also necessary to have them exercise this ability in order to better develop it. Constantly playing new games is a great way to get them engaged in working memory exercises, as it encourages them to learn the rules and carry out the tasks.

Tutoring in Lansdale Engages Students in Better Learning

Students that struggle in these areas will also benefit incredibly from tutoring. Tutoring teaches them skills that help construct a better working memory and provides efficient practice for building greater learning abilities. Learn more about how you can help your child improve their ability to learn by giving us a call today at (215) 855-6744.


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