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Tips to Make Study Time Easier

Study time may not be your child's idea of a fun time, but it must get done. With the right study habits, your child's time spent studying can be reduced while still being effective. Below are some tips to help your child become more efficient when it comes time to study.

Remove Distractions

Trying to study while surrounded by distractions can make reviewing anything basically impossible. Help your child identify their biggest distractors and remove these from their study area. This will ensure that they don't waste time reading the same page of notes over and over without really understanding it because they're distracted by their cellphone or tablet.

Get Organized

Studying is one of those things that will go a lot smoother if you take the time to plan it out first. It may sound silly to plan out a study session, but by creating a to-do list of topics to cover or a study guide, you can ensure that your student won't veer off course. This will also help them divide their study time better since they know exactly what to study.

Make Time to Study

Students often leave studying to the last minute, which doesn't usually work out too well. They may mean to study every day for a week, but things just don't work out that way. To prevent this from happening, have your child schedule study time into their day so that they have no excuse to not study. By taking their studying on over a longer period of time, they will be more prepared and less stressed by their upcoming tests.

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