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Grammar is usually a subject that needs to be reviewed several times to be properly understood. Adjectives are an important part of grammar, they allow us to describe certain aspects, and make the entire English language more versatile, but they can also become confusing to understand and a bit awkward when not used properly. That is why today at the Tutoring Center in Lansdale we want to share a few words of advice regarding demonstrative adjectives.

What Are Demonstrative Adjectives?

First of all a demonstrative adjectives point out nouns (things), people and places, they are modifiers with a specific purpose. Let´t take a look at the main demonstrative adjectives; this, that, these and those.

¨This¨ and ¨That¨ Are Used with Singular Nouns

This and That are used with singular nouns, this means they are used when referring to one thing, a person or a place. Whether you use the word this or that, depends on the distance that you want to indicate in regards to the person, place or thing talked about. This, is used when referring to a singular noun that is close to the speaker. That, is used when referring to a singular noun that is farther away from the speaker. Some examples of when ¨this¨ would be used:
  1. This puppy is looking for a home.
  2. Take this book to your mom.
Here the puppy referred to, is close to the speaker and in the second example, so is the book, that is why ¨this¨ is used, because it indicates the close distance of the speaker to the puppy and the book. Examples of when the word ¨that¨ would be used:
  1. That puppy is looking for a home.
  2. Take that book to your mom.
In the first example ¨that¨ is used to indicate a puppy that is further away from the speaker, and in the second example ¨that¨ indicates the book that is farther away from the speaker.

¨These¨ and ¨Those¨ Are Used with Plural Nouns

The words ¨these¨and ¨those¨ are also used in the same manner when referred to items or people or places that are close or farther away, but these words are used with plural nouns, not singulars.
  • These puppies are looking for a home
  • Take these books to your mom
¨These¨ in both examples refers to plural nouns that are close to the speaker
  • Those puppies are looking for a home
  • Take those books to your mom.
¨Those¨ is the demonstrative adjective used to demonstrate that the speaker is referring to more than one puppy at a farther distance and also referring to more than one book farther from the speaker in the second example.

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