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Squinting, frequent headaches, and sensitive eyes may be signs that your child requires vision correcting glasses. As you know, vision is an important part of everyday life, and not being able to see right can affect your child’s performance at school, and other activities they may engage in. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center in Lansdale would like to share a few indicators that may help you determine if your child needs glasses.

How to Tell  if Your Child Needs Glasses


Squinting is the act of partially closing the eyes in order to focus the vision on a certain object. This is a common sign that the person doing the squinting is in need of the help of prescription lenses in order to see as expected.


The eyes have to work extra hard in able to see, focus, and distinguish what’s around them. This can result in frequent headaches that affect the person’s everyday life and their ability to perform as best as they can.

Extra Sensitive Eyes

If you notice that your child’s eyes are constantly red, are very sensitive to light, tear up frequently, and are itchy, it may mean that their eyes are in need of a little boost to see correctly.

Having Trouble While Reading

Texts can be very difficult to go through if your sight isn’t in its best condition. Seeing blurry spots may cause your child to lose their place while reading, pay little attention to what they’re reading, or may even require them to use their finger in order to follow the text. 

Unusual Behavior in Front of the TV

If your child sits too close to the TV when they watch movies or covers an eye when looking at the TV (or even reading), it may be that they are having trouble seeing what’s in front of them. If this is the case, remember to take them to an ophthalmologist to correctly assess their situation.

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