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It's easier to engage children in learning when there are games and fun activities involved.  Here are some spelling games you can try that don't require a paper and a pencil.

Learning Should Be Fun

No one ever said that learning had to be a dull and serious affair. Quite the opposite is true, actually. Lessons are better learned when there are fun and games involved.  For instance, writing can be entertaining if your children write about something they love, and spelling can be amusing if it consists of more than simply writing words over and over in a notebook. Try some of these tricks to practice spelling at home.

Spelling Practice at Home

Jump rope: Exercise and learning go hand in hand. You can use a jump rope to easily practice spelling. Your children just need to spell a word with each jump. Go online: The internet offers tons of child-friendly websites to help develop academic skills. Spelling City and Kids Spell are two sites that focus on spelling practice. Music: Auditory learners will enjoy practicing spelling with a song. Together you can come up with a song to spell the words. Crafting: Instead of writing the words down with a boring pencil, turn it into an art project. Using unique tools can make repetition interesting. Bring out the Play-Doh, finger paint, and the alphabet soup.

Tutoring in Lansdale Can Help

Tutoring is another way to boost your children's academic skills. Since the groups are smaller, it's easier to have fun while learning. Call The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA at  (215) 855-6744 to find out about their tutoring programs.


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