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The summer slide happens when students forget what they learned during the school year almost as soon as summer begins. Prevent this from happening to your child with these fun activities.

5 Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide is that strange phenomenon that occurs to many students almost as soon as they leave school for the summer. Youngsters mysteriously forget most of what they learned during the school year. You can help prevent this from happening to your child by helping them keep an active mind this summer. Here are some fun learning ideas you can try.
  1. Learn a new language: Your youngster can try learning a new language. Summer won’t be enough to learn it, but it’s a great time to start.
  2. Hit the books: Encourage your child to do some reading this summer. They will have enough free time to do so. Look for a summer book club at your local library that your child can join.
  3. Get moving: Your child should do some physical activity to burn off excess energy and improve their brain power. There are more benefits to playing soccer or swimming than just getting in shape.
  4. Science experiments: Most children enjoy hands-on activities like science experiments. If you search online for fun science experiments for children, you’ll find tons of options to try this summer.
  5. Go someplace new: Make it a family goal to visit a new place each week where you can create new memories and where your child can learn something new.

Summer Tutoring in Lansdale

Tutoring might not seem like something your children need during the summer, but it’s a great learning opportunity nonetheless. Tutoring in Lansdale can help your child get ahead and maintain their learning fresh. Contact The Tutoring Center, Lansdale PA at (215) 855-6744 to learn about their summer programs.


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