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In a previous post, we here at The Tutoring Center in Lansdale offered some advice on dealing with bullying. Cyberbullying is a similar phenomenon, but dealing with it requires a different approach. Today, we’d like to offer some tips on how you can help deal with this lamentably common occurrence.

Identify it

‘Know your enemy’, as the saying goes. Cyberbullying comes in many forms, including;
  • spreading lies and rumours online
  • posting embarrassing personal information and/or pictures on public sites
  • sending threatening messages, texts, and emails
Pay attention to your child and, if they appear to be having trouble at school or are often sad or withdrawn, talk to them about what’s troubling them. They may be reluctant to tell you what’s going on without prompting, so consider asking them directly if they’re having problems with bullies on or offline. 

Teach them not to respond

Teach your child to try to ignore cyberbullies, much like they would a ‘real world’ bully. Cyberbullies are more often than not focused on provoking a reaction, and if they see that your child is not going to give them the reaction they desire, they’re likely to give up after a short time. It’s crucial that your child also understand that they should never retaliate by using the same tactics as the cyberbully. Not only is that unpleasant behavior, but it could even result in legal consequences for your child, as many forms of cyberbullying are illegal.

Talk with them

It’s important that your child understand that them being the victim of cyberbullying is not their fault. It’s more than likely that your child has been picked out arbitrarily rather than as a result of anything they have done or said; cyberbullies need a victim in order to feel powerful, and your child was simply unfortunate enough to be there. Try to help your child see the situation from the bully’s perspective too. Bullies are sad, lonely, frustrated and angry, and are only indulging in their unpleasant behavior in order to feel better about themselves. If your child understands this, they’ll see that pity, rather than anger or sadness, is the appropriate response to a bully.

Keep a log and report the bullying

The one benefit of cyberbullying is that it’s very easy to keep records of Internet and cell phone activity. Make sure to save any unpleasant messages your child receives and keep a log of all bullying so that you have evidence available when you report the bullying to an authority. It;s best to first report the activity to your child’s school if the bully also attends, and ask them to help you deal with it, but if this proves ineffectual then you are well within your rights to contact the police.

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