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You are hopefully already aware that The Tutoring Center in Lansdale is concerned with the academic success of your child, and is here to assist you in that process however we can. However, we are also concerned with the development of your child in other areas of his or her life. Do you know that fostering the creativity of your child can help him or her to also achieve better in academia? Helping your child to become more creative improves brain function and can be an excellent motivator. Though it may seem there are those who are naturally more inclined to artistic endeavours, creativity is a learned skill. Today we would like to provide you with just a few simple suggestions to aid you in helping your child reach his or her creative potential. 

*Don’t be alarmed. We are not making the suggestion that there should be no rules in your home, however what we are suggesting is a way to help your child in the area of creativity, by remembering that not all things are “black and white” and sometimes rules are not needed in artistic pursuit. 

Focusing on the Process

You are more than likely familiar with the idea most adults have about completing a task. You know that we tend to focus on the result, on whether or not what we are involving ourselves in is worth it, what we’ll get out of it. It is not often that we do things, especially in work situations, just for the joy of it. Of course this may not be the case for you, but the important thing is that we make sure to guard this type of thinking from our children, when they are attempting to create an artistic piece. Allow your child to focus on the process, how he or she is going to choose what project to work on, help by giving options, but do not suggest. Be ready to ask your child questions like these: “what did you enjoy the most about the process the most?” or “Do you like the way the paint felt between your fingers.” Remember the purpose of this is to help them focus on the process.  

Avoid External Constraints

Perhaps our desire to focus on the outcome is more of an internal constraint, but external constraints are those that are associated with our surrounding and what we should and should not do. We are not suggesting that you allow your child free reign of your home with no consequences for actions, however we encourage you to step back from making your child complete an artistic endeavour in the way you would want it done. A fine example of this is in your child’s coloring. Do you have a tendency to tell him or her what color the flower or the duck should be, because flowers are red and ducks are yellow? It is this type of thinking that is no good for the creative process. Allow your child to explore his or her imaginative whims. Purple ducks can be rather beautiful. 

Understand that the desire to follow creative pursuits can be an excellent motivator for you child to improve academically. While academics should come first, you should absolutely leave time for your child to express him/herself, and can certainly offer them as a reward for an academic job well done. 

Make sure to read our guide to the best superfoods to feed your child to ensure they’re getting the fuel they need to get creative.

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