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 Exams are around the corner and this may trigger the stress anxiety of some students, while these feelings may be relatively common, they can also interfere with their ability to think straight and can ruin their study efforts during the test. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Lansdale, we created the following post containing useful information on this crucial topic.


It’s no secret that anxiety is highly connected to the expectations towards the outcome of an event. This can lead to negative thoughts and a diminished self-esteem, that can be related to previous bad experiences. However, a positive attitude and preparing for the test are useful tools against these feelings. 


Your children will have to prepare thoroughly, which means they will probably have to invest more time than other students. Remember that you should break larger tasks into manageable sub goals and don’t forget to schedule pauses. Plus, your children need to have a more active role in studying, as opposed to read and reread their material, so make sure they analyze and organize their ideas in an effective way. 


While studying and preparing for an exam is crucial, your children’s academic performance also depends on their lifestyle. You should make sure they are having enough and quality sleep, as this activity is somehow overlooked and it’s very important in the learning process. Also, a healthy diet will will provide their brains with the nutrients it needs. Lastly, exercise is a good way to handle stress.

Remember that it’s important to set a goal, so your children see their efforts rewarded and increase their motivation and confidence in the future. Also, be sure to read our guide on helping your child improve in school

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