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Ahhh! We wish those summer days could last forever, but the same laid back break often causes learning loss, especially in subjects like reading and math. This can equate to your child falling behind during summer. The Tutoring Center of Lansdale offers these summer enrichment program tips to help your child retain his/her knowledge base making back-to-school less of a challenge.

Summer school at school

Your child's school may offer summer school options that focus on his/her academics in the year ahead. If your child's district doesn't offer summer courses, look at private schools in your area. Often, private schools allow children who are not students attend summer school for a fee.

Your community has got class

Expand your search to community online bulletins. There are sure to be quite a few resources in your area. Check out community centers, parks and rec, churches, zoos, museums, theaters and art centers. You will find a variety of topics and subjects including academic elements for your child. These organizations may provide educational and entertaining activities sure to keep your child active and engaged all summer long.

Get capmy

A week (or more) at summer camp can be just as educational as it is enjoyable for your child. Look for camps covering topics, activities and areas in which your child could use a bit of improvement. The American Camp Association suggests activities for your camper such as journalingreading, and nature awareness.

Summer tutoring program

The Tutoring Center in Lansdale offers the best tutoring in the city with special summer tutoring sessions for all grade levels. The one-to-one instruction allows your child to receive more attention than in a traditional summer school class. Using a free diagnostic assessment,The Tutoring Center of Lansdale will create a tutoring program for your child individualized to suit his/her needs.

With so many options, subjects, and activities, your child can experience an enjoyable and educational summer which will allow them to better tackle all his/her school subjects in the coming semester. Let The Tutoring Center in Lansdale help, call 215-855-6744 today!


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