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Summer is finally here and apart from a well-deserved break, it's also a great opportunity to help your children strengthen their struggle areas or boost their skills to prepare them for the upcoming school year. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Lansdale, we created the following post containing some of the benefits of summer tutoring.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Your children's brains need to stay stimulated over the summer, otherwise they may suffer learning losses, especially in the reading and mathematics areas. Summer tutoring is a great option to prevent this problem, as it will get your children out of the home and get them to practice and retain their knowledge.

Fill Learning Gaps

If your children's report card isn't what you expected, this is a good chance to strengthen the areas that require special attention. This way students will have a solid foundation for the upcoming year, and catch up or even get ahead of their class. This can also boost their confidence.

Getting Ready for SAT/ACT

Some students will take the SAT or ACT test in Autumn as a part of the college enrollment process, and they can get to learn more about the test structure and practice to achieve their goal score. These are just some of the benefits that summer tutoring can offer to your children and that will provide them with the skills they need.  Also,  conducting science experiments at home is another great way to keep your children busy while they learn, so do read our guide on this topic

Tutoring in Lansdale

If you are looking for summer tutoring in Lansdale, think about The Tutoring Center.  Our exclusive programs are designed to help our students with the specific skills they need for long-term academic success. Plus we offer a free diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the areas that need to be improved.  Call (215) 855-6744 to schedule a free consultation.


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