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Nowadays, our attention span has shortened significantly since there are a lot of distractions going on at all times that sway our focus away from our tasks and responsibilities. As a student, this could mean that you’re not paying attention in your classes, which could result in a less effective learning experience. If you have a challenging time concentrating in the classroom, follow the tips below to increase your focus.

Be Healthy

For starters, realize that your attention may suffer if you’re feeling tired or hungry during your classes. This is why you should try to be healthy, eat well, and have a good sleeping routine to succeed.

Prepare Mentally

Before you go into your classroom, evaluate your mindset. This means that you should relax, leave your worries behind, and prepare mentally to pay attention in class.

Avoid Distractions

Needless to say, your cell phone and other distractions should be turned off or put away. Try to avoid having them near you, so you can concentrate on what the teacher is saying in class.

Choose the Right Location

Where you sit can be extremely important. For instance, a seat near the front of the classroom, where you’re away from windows, doors and your friends, can help ensure that you’ll focus.  

Mind Your Body Language

Believe it or not, your body language can also affect how much attention you pay in class. Make it a point to sit up straight, facing forwards, so you’re more receptive to the lessons.

Take Notes

Taking notes is a great way to keep you concentrated on what you should be learning. Moreover, if you make an effort with your notes, they’ll be great study material for your tests.

Get Involved

Finally, actually participating in class discussions will help you stay focused and will enrich your experience. Just make sure to be respectful and raise your hand when you have a question or opinion.

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