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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, also known as ADHD, is a disorder affecting over 28% of children between 3 and 17 years of age. ADHD can be very challenging, but The Tutoring Center of Lansdale have a few tips to help control and reduce the symptoms.

Stay positive

Understand that your child is not intentionally or maliciously misbehaving. Maintain your sense of humor and you may well find their actions entertaining rather than exasperating. Make sure to focus on your child’s positive actions, too; if they have done their homework but they’re refusing to get ready for bed, be happy they did their homework!


Routine is important for any child, but it is especially important for those with attention disorders. Establish simple and predictable routines for mealtimes, homework, playtime, and bedtime. Try doing things like laying out their clothes for school before going to bed so they know what to do in the morning. A good routine helps to develop good habits, so stick with it.

Exercise and rest

Two of the biggest factors affecting your child’s behaviour are the amount of physical activity they’re getting and the quality and quantity of their sleep. Aim for at least one hour of physical activity a day (anything from soccer to tae kwon do - just make sure it tires them out!) and a solid night’s sleep every night. To help them sleep, try spending time with them in bed before sleeping (reading them a book, talking about their day, or just cuddling) as this will help them relax and feel secure.


Diet is also key to your child’s behaviour. Make sure your child’s diet is as low in junk foods as possible. Avoid sugary sodas and candies as these are known to exacerbate hyperactivity and concentration problems. Try to provide your child with slow-release carbohydrates, lots of fruit and vegetables, and healthy protein sources such as lean meat, oily fish or nuts and seeds. For further tips regarding your child’s diet, take a look at our guide to superfoods.

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