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There are plenty of reasons why you should enroll your child in a tutoring program. If your child presents these signs, perhaps it's time to do it now.

Is Tutoring in Lansdale Necessary for Your Child?

There are plenty of reasons why parents choose to complement their child's studies with...
Everything that your child eats affects their brain and body. Here are some things you should know about how food has an impact on your child’s learning and academic performance.

Food Can Boost Your Child’s Learning

Nutrition is of utmost importance to young students. Their developing bodies...
If your child struggles to remember instructions as soon as they hear them, they might have a working memory problem. Here are some tips to improve their memory.

Does your child have a working memory problem? The working memory is the ability to learn information and remember it in the near...
Help your child practice new vocabulary in a fun way by trying out these easy games. Learning is easier when it’s done in fun way.

Games Make Learning Easier

The best way to get children learning is through games. It’s easier for youngsters to learn if they don’t feel like they’re in class or...
There are plenty of advantages of learning a second language. A bigger social network, increased brain power, more job opportunities and many more! The benefits only grow if the learners are still young. 

 The Great Perks of Speaking Another Language

Some people believe that teaching...
Start the year on the right foot by strengthening your academic performance. Here are some simple tips to help you reach your educational goals.

It’s Time You Reach Your Academic Goals

Have you decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? You’re still on time to set some goals and start making...
There are plenty of reasons why your child should enroll in an after-school program that involves physical activity. There are many benefits your child can get from these activities.

Exercising for Stronger Brains

We’ve previously talked about the benefits after-school programs can bring to your...
School, social activities, and even your mood can make children feel anxious and stressed out. You won’t always be around to help your children calm down, which is why they should start practicing some self-soothing techniques.

Teach Children to Be Part of the Relaxation Process

Changes, positive...
It's easier to engage children in learning when there are games and fun activities involved.  Here are some spelling games you can try that don't require a paper and a pencil.

Learning Should Be Fun

No one ever said that learning had to be a dull and serious affair. Quite the opposite is true,...
After-school programs can bring your child so many benefits, from a great academic boost to self-confidence, and time management skills. Learn about the many other ways in which enrolling your kids in an after-school program can benefit them. There are plenty of reasons why your children should...


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